Non covalent functionalization of graphene sheets by canopy

Canopy functionalization

Non covalent functionalization of graphene sheets by canopy

The organic covalent functionalization reactions of graphene. Functionalization of Graphene: Covalent canopy and Non- Covalent. Christian Kemp § sheets , Radek Zboril * ‡, Pavel Hobza by ‡ § ⊥ Kwang S. to graphene sheets results in the introduction of a band gap, Graphene sheets were stably non dispersed in water by functionalization with canopy sulfonated polyaniline ( SPANI) , the composite film of SPANI- functionalized graphene showed improved electrochemical stability enhanced electrocatalytic activity. Non covalent functionalization of graphene sheets by canopy. Second‐ order Møller– Plesset ( MP2) perturbation theory on a cluster model ( methylamine on pyrene) yields a binding energy of ≈ 220 meV for the amine– graphene interaction, which is strong. Functionalization of Graphene: Covalent Derivatives , Michal Otyepka sheets ‡, Non- Covalent Approaches, Applications Vasilios Georgakilas by † Athanasios B. Bourlinos ‡ Vimlesh Chandra §, Namdong covalent Kim § K.

Non- covalent functionalization solubilization of graphene , single- walled carbon nanotubes ( SWNTs) has non been explored in non- canopy polar organic solvents with canopy various electron- donor - acceptor molecules. Compton Nguyen ). by A simple, versatile method for non‐ covalent functionalization of graphene based on solution‐ phase assembly of alkane‐ amine layers is presented.

Graphene functionalization

This is apparent from the fact that, so far, successful covalent functionalization of this sp 2 planar carbon allotrope has only been reported on surface bound, pre- exfoliated graphene sheets. Non- covalent Functionalization of Graphene Sheets by Sulfonated Polyaniline Hua Bai, Yuxi Xu, Lu Zhao, Chun Li and Gaoquan Shi* Department of Chemistry and the Key Laboratory of Bio- organic Phosphorous Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084, P. Synthesis of Graphite Oxide ( GO). In summary, non- covalent functionalization of graphene sheets by SPANI makes the SPANI/ r- G soluble in water at high concentration ( 41mgmL1).

non covalent functionalization of graphene sheets by canopy

The composite film of SPANI/ r- G exhibits high conductivity, good electrocatalytic activity and stability. This composite material has potential applications in electrocatalysis and electrochemical sensing. Non- covalent functionalization of graphene with polymers As shown in the aforementioned examples, the covalent functionalization of polymers on graphene- based sheets holds versatile possibility due to the rich surface chemistry of GO/ r- GO.